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A guide on how to wear your Barong Tagalog


Wearing a Barong Tagalog is not as simple as it seems. It still requires a few definitive steps on how to make sure that you are wearing them right and look good doing so.

Bespoke vs Ready-to-Wear


Still on the fence about whether to choose a Ready-To-Wear or a Bespoke suit? It can be mind-boggling and requires a heavy and well-thought-of decision as this will determine how you will look and present yourself to others. Here’s a pros and cons list of both options to help you make the difficult choice between the two.

Express your Pinoy Pride with Different Kings of Barongs


Bring out your love and support for your Filipino Heritage by wearing the national outfit of men in the Philippines. By choosing a barong, choosing what to wear to a formal or semi-formal affair can be made simple.

Why Suits are a Good Investment?


Are you still hesitating about buying your first suit? Do you need a little more push? Well, here it is! Suits are a form of investment. How? No matter how much or how little you spend, purchasing a suit is a significant investment because it will be among your most valuable possessions. A decent suit gives you access. It offers chances that would not be available otherwise. A good suit can be a very effective tool for you to open up opportunities for yourself as you dress the part you want to play. Dressing for success is part of the journey towards achieving anything you aspire to.

The different Formal Dress Codes (and what to wear for each one of them)


Got an invitation for an event and it specifically indicated that it is a White-tie event. Or perhaps a Black-tie event? Don’t panic! In this blog, you’ll get to explore the formal dress code used for special events and the different events that call for different formal dress styles.